Dr Stephanie Ulmer of Betterlife Surgery, leading Bariatric & Gastric surgeon
in Auckland

About the practice

Surgeon Stephanie Ulmer is the lead healthcare provider at BetterLife Surgery. She is passionate about weight loss surgery and the outcomes that can be achieved for her patients.

Training and experience

After completing her surgical training in 2006, Stephanie gained specialist expertise in Australia utilising many different forms of laparoscopic weight loss surgery.

Upon returning to New Zealand, she was appointed Consultant in General Surgery at Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital where she now treats many conditions – including obesity.

BetterLife Surgery was established in 2008 to provide excellent and specialised private weight loss surgery to those seeking a better life.

Since starting BetterLife Surgery, Stephanie has completed over 300 Bariatric procedures.

Stephanie is New Zealand's only female surgeon currently practicing weight loss surgery.

She regularly travels overseas to ensure that the very best techniques used worldwide are also available to her patients at BetterLife Surgery.

Difficult cases are welcomed - especially those who have had previous weight loss surgery requiring revision.

Stephanie takes immense satisfaction from the life-changing experience that surgery brings to her patients.

“I love Bariatric Surgery and the potential it gives my patients to realise their own potential. For so many people their weight is a major issue - whether this is physical, emotional or both - and it doesn't have to be that way. I love the journey that patients go on with this surgery. From the first consultation through to following up my patients years after their operation it is a privilege to be part of that journey. The challenges are significant, but the rewards are even bigger both for me, as the Surgeon and for
my patients."

Stephanie is married and is the proud mother of 3 young children.

Kate Berridge

Kate Berridge

Bariatric Nurse Specialist

I am a Bariatric Nurse Specialist who is passionate about providing the necessary support and knowledge pre or post surgery - Irrespective of how far out from surgery you are be it 2 weeks or 10 years.....

My aim is to provide you with ongoing support that ensures you get the most out of your surgery and move forward to maintain all that you learn through the process.

Nicola Page

Nicola Page

Nutritionist Expert

Hi, I'm Nicola, your nutritionist expert... I have been a Consulting Nutritionist in private practice for 14 years. My particular focus with my client consultations is on creating health through intelligent dietary choices. I am a registered Nutritionist with the NZ Society of Nutrition, a registered Medical Herbalist with the NZ association of Medical Herbalists and a registered Naturopath within the NZ society of Naturopaths. I look forward to starting on the journey to a better diet and better life with you!


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