What is the difference between a Gastric Band, Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass operation?

Gastric Band Surgery

An inflatable band is placed around the upper part of your stomach and stitched into position. This limits the portion sizes you eat, decreases the calories you take in whilst giving you a feeling of fullness that lasts between meals.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The size of the stomach is reduced to a narrow tube, a 'sleeve'. This limits the portion sizes you can eat. It also gives you a feeling of fullness after eating a small amount of food. 


Gastric Bypass Surgery

The stomach is reduced in size to a small pouch and then reconnected to the small intestine further down the GI tract. This essentially bypasses the distal stomach, duodenum and first part of the small intestine. The small gastric pouch means that you are restricted to eating smaller portions and the re-routing of the GI tract means that the foods you eat are not absorbed as effectively as normal. Both of these aspects contribute to weight loss. 


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