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“I had my surgery in March’11 and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I’d never had surgery where I had anesthesia before, but the staff were really friendly and I knew I was in the hands of a good surgeon. The first stages of post op were the hardest I think, I was really thirsty and was only given ice cubes and the tubes were horribly uncomfortable. The four hour trip home was difficult as sitting in rather than reclining was a bit sore.

My mum helped me with my diet at home, and my sister made me chicken broth for my first two weeks. At 4 weeks post-op I was so grateful to eat solid food I cried. Then it was all a matter of focusing of making good eating habits. I changed three meals to 6 small meals a day and one meal is soup. I think it was around 6 weeks after that I wasn't sore at all and could continue with daily life properly so I started walking everyday and going back to dancing and the weight just started to drop off.

Some info about me; I was over 100kgs before my operation and my Bust was 113cm, waist was 95.5cm and my hips were 126cm and I was a size 22. Now I'm 80kgs, my bust is 99cm, my waist is 80cm and my hips are 113cm and I am now a size 16. I'd really like to thank Stephanie for making it possible and helping me to start living a healthier life” *

- Bronwyn, 29 Jul 2011

“I am great - 46kgs down from the start of optifast and feeling wonderful” *

- Deborah, 28 Jul 2011

The surgery has been a huge success for me.  Very life changing , I am a raw food vegan now after many years of being a vegetarian.   I weigh 58-59kgs do yoga , gym, walk and bike and look and feel great! *

- Denise, 14 Jan 2013

I had surgery with you on 29  February. Have gone from 147kg in 1st February to 105kg to date :) Cant thank you enough for allowing this change. *

- Vicki, 1 Oct 2012

As it is now 4months post surgery I thought I would pass on progress.

I now weigh 122Kg with a BMI of 36.06

And feeling great, rode around Lake Rotorua recently! *

- Nigel , 25 Jan 2012

Dr Ulmer performed the Gastric Sleeve operation on me on 11 June 2012 and I am writing this to recommend her to anyone contemplating this surgery.

Her professionalism and caring manner was extremely reassuring and at all times I felt that I was in a very safe environment, She gave me the confidence to have the Gastric Sleeve operation – which I had been contemplating for at least 2 years.

Dr Harper was aware of my anxiety towards anaesthetics and contacted me prior to surgery to ensure that all my questions were answered ans that I felt at ease with the procedure.

I feel that his concern enabled me to relax and approach the surgery with a positive attitude.

The whole team at BetterLife Surgery: the receptionist, nursing staf and theatre staff were excellent and I look back on those days as a GREAT start on this permanent weight loss journey.

My wholehearted thanks to you all – GREAT TEAM *

- Opal, 19 Jun 2013

I thought I would give u a quick update since my surgery in Jan!

The good news is I've lost 45kgs since then and now in a size 14 so very very happy!!!!  Bloodwork was all apparently ok the doctorr told me so really really chuffed how everything has worked out so well!

In fact it's worked out a little too well as I am now 8 weeks pregnant!!!! An almighty shock but getting my head round the news I had thought it may never happen!! Just a bit concerned about any side effects due to surgery and any dos or donts??? Many thanks as always and for doing my surgery again as best thing that has ever happened to me!! *

- Catherine, 14 Oct 2013

I am now hovering right on the top of the healthy BMI range. I have not been here for over 23 years. I can't even begin to express how much the surgery has changed my life. I feel amazing and start this new year full of excitement and happiness. Thank you so much for doing such a splendid job!

I know the real journey, the maintanence, starts now and that this is now as much about my own choices and mindfullness as it is about the sleeve. But I am ready for it! *



- Louise, 12 Jan 2014

* Please note that quoted weight loss outcomes pertain to the individual in the testimonial and are not guaranteed across the weight loss surgery population.

- * Disclaimer, 15 Nov 2015


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