How much does weight loss surgery cost?

An initial consultation with BetterLife Surgery costs $395 and takes between 45 minutes and an hour. During this consultation time, we go over your weight history, any current medical issues, and discuss weight loss surgery in detail and whether it will be the right solution for your personal circumstances.

The important thing to note about BetterLife Surgery fees are that they include both the surgery and after-care. If we get the after-care right, you will get the result that you need.


Weight Loss Surgery Fees

Initial Consultation $395
Gastric Sleeve Surgery $24,950
Gastric Bypass Surgery $29,950


Additional Fees

The Optifast pre-surgery meal replacement diet must be purchased separately from your local pharmacy.

Other additional costs may include staying extra nights in hospital, extra theatre time (including Hiatus Hernia Repair if found) , blood transfusion and/or x-rays.



Payment is required 7 days prior to the day of the operation. There are options available including but not limited to:

  • Health Insurance - Some medical insurers will part-fund the surgery. We assist in this process of gaining pre-approval by providing a copy of the consultation letter and a quotation so that the Insurer can assess whether they will contribute to the costs of surgery. You will need to pay the full cost of surgery one week prior to surgery & claim your pre-approved amount following surgery.
  • Finance - Some of our patients have been able to obtain Medical Finance through companies such as Nova Medical.



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